Manger nu ! et participez au développement de notre terroir bio belge NL ! NL !


Les produits nu ! sont issus de la coopération entre agriculteurs, artisans transformateurs et magasins bio indépendants.


Ensemble, ils contribuent au développement de filières bio basées sur des relations commerciales transparentes et équitables.


News 1

Project Sprout took root in founder Nadia Shabazz’s backyard. Her family had a need for fresh produce since the nearest supermarket only carried semi-spoiled bananas and tomatoes. Shabazz started small, planting leafy greens and berries. When it came time to harvest, she gave extras away to neighbors. She began to see drastic improvements in her children’s health and thought that everyone on her block could benefit. She began inviting neighbors who didn’t have gardens to come plant on her land.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”